Learn How To Water Color

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How To Express Yourself And Develop Their Skills From Simple Shapes To More Complex Scenes.


 Plants (lesson 9 to 11)

- The student will learn hints and tips on how to make plants in a simplified way, and also in a more detailed way. They will develop a watercolor painting of a chosen plant from start to finish.

Objects (lesson 11 to 18)
- The student will learn how to paint fruits, vases, pots and glass objects to understand composition, shadows and measuring. Then, they will learn how to make backgrounds to highlight their objects.

Landscapes (Lesson 19 to 32)
- The student will learn how to develop natural landscapes with things like mountains, grass, trees and water (lakes and sea). They will also learn hints on how to paint the sky and clouds, and practice urban landscapes and perspective.

Animals (Lesson 33 to 36)
- The student will learn how to paint fur and animal shapes. Together we’ll choose an animal to portrait, such as a pet or even a wild animal.

Humans (Lesson 37 to 43)
- The student will learn how to paint a human being, starting from skin tones, eyes, hair, and complete a portrait.

Crazy / Fantastic / Magical Creature (from 44 to 48)
- Each student can create a character/creature to draw and paint during classes using the skills acquired throughout the course.

Meet Your Sensei

  • Hi!
    I'm Maria Alice, a visual artist, researcher and art educator from Brazil! I'm graduated in Visual Arts and a Furniture Design technician. I started teaching visual arts in 2016, when I worked at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum as a mediator. Mediation taught me to love teaching in exhibition spaces, but also inside and outside the classroom, for the most diverse audiences such as children, elderly, disabled public (mainly blind or deaf), adults, teachers, students and even famous people, such as ambassadors! After this experience, I started to work with museological research to better understand museums and contribute to them. At the same time, my taste for atelier as an artist and teacher began to grow and I started to teach courses such as Production of Artistic Supplies with natural materials and also classes like Drawing, Color and Shape Construction for teenagers. I love engraving (wood, metal, silkscreen, linoleum, etc), painting (oil, watercolor, acrylic and murals) and I also love tattooing, I've been working as a tattoo artist since the beginning of 2021!


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