Carrie B
  • Sketchnoter

Carrie Baughcum (she/her/hers) is a mother, wife, mismatch sock wearer, a self-described inspiration ...

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Scott M
  • Forensic Specialist

Scott Mark served for over 15 years as a Police Officer with the Canadian Forces Military Police and ...

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Jaime R
  • Social Learning

Jaime Rivetts, MS Ed, is the executive director and founder of Idaho Social Learning Center (ISLC). ...

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Erin H
  • School Counselor

Hi! I'm Erin Hanson, an elementary school counselor from Pennsylvania! I have an undergraduate degre ...

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Riki U
  • Illustrator

I am a professional Illustrator specializing in whimsical, children's book drawings. I love color an ...

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Rosa C
  • Math Educator

Rosa is a math enthusiast with a love for teaching! She is passionate about inspiring young minds to ...

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Chelsea W
  • Leadership Coach

Hi! I’m Chelsea Winer and I can’t wait to be your personal leadership teacher. I am extremely passio ...

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Ashley H
  • Science Educator

Hi! I'm Teacher Ashley, and I am from Indiana. I hold a degree in biology from Ball State University ...

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Caitlin H
  • Educator

Hi there! My name is Caitlin, a passionate educator from Texas! My studies began at the University o ...

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Patricia N
  • Science Illustrator

Patricia Ferrer Beals is an experienced medical and scientific illustrations and has worked on all t ...

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Kauress S
  • Coding Instructor

I create, code, and write. ‣ Boostrapping tech ed into VR ‣ Coding Bootcamp instructor with Cultivat ...

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Amanda B
  • Science Writer

Amanda Baker is the writer for Smore Magazine's cover stories. She is a freelance writer who tells s ...

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David Z
  • Artist

With a passion for music, art, technology, and working with kids, I pride myself on my creative and ...

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Otavioa C
  • Comic Book Artist

I'm a comic book artist and art teacher here in Brazil. I'm graduated in visual arts from Parana's A ...

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Mary K
  • Paleontologist

Mary K is a paleontologist who studies both modern and ancient marine ecosystems. She is particularl ...

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Beverly Ann Arnold-DeCuir
  • Creative Writer

Beverly DeCuir, MA. Ed is a mother and grandmother, a published poet, freelance writer, elearning st ...

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  • Natural Artist

V is a born artist who has always kept in touch with art since the age of 5. Collecting several awar ...

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Dr. Nuria Oliver
  • AI and Machine Learning Expert

Dr. Nuria Oliver, is the chief scientific advisor of Vodafone Institute and is regarded as one of th ...

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Angela Jovanovaska
  • Computer Scientist

Hi, I am Angela Jovanovska. I am a Computer Science and Engineering graduate. Besides writing code ...

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Michael Enechi
  • Pencil Artist

Born in Lagos,  Nigeria,  and  graduated  from  Nnamdi  Azikiwe Univer ...

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Sholeh Gharib
  • Yoga Instructor

Sholeh has more than 15 years of experience teaching yoga, meditation and Tai chi, guiding individua ...

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Amanda Chen
  • Doodle Artist

Hello! I am Amanda and I am an Illustrator. I love creating stories using my art. For example, drawi ...

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Maria Alice
  • Visual Artist

Hi! I'm Maria Alice, a visual artist, researcher and art educator from Brazil! I'm graduated in Vis ...

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