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Literary Safari is an independent children’s media studio and consulting firm. We create inclusive media for children and families rooted in an understanding of learning science, educational standards, narrative design, and play! Our award-winning stories, games, and curriculum are grounded in the 4 C’s of 21st century education—Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration. We are committed to mindful design that celebrates diversity and global citizenship.

We have our own studio near Lincoln Center, NYC where we innovate and produce our own products. We are also consulting and publishing professionals with over a decade of experience producing games, books, apps, sound educational design and curriculum for our clients which include educational and entertainment companies like UNESCO, Sesame Workshop, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Scholastic, and Benchmark Education. We regularly work with large and small brands, developing new ideas and concepts for emerging projects, and have a wide network and expertise to build superb teams of publishing, design, interactive, and educational professionals for our clients. 

My Workshop


2 reviews
  • Jyoti G - Jun 30, 2021:
    This class was wonderful. With multiple presenters coming live to speak to the kids, there was something for every participant, and tickled several parts of their brain.

  • Katie B - Jun 30, 2021:
    The workshop was so cool!! This was by far one of the best workshops my child has participated in and as homeschoolers we have been in a lot! It was just so fun! Everything presented was so helpful. I could see that it was really thought out and meant to give kids the confidence and know-how to just get going on a podcast without not much more than an ideas. No fancy equipment required. Thank you so much! It's worthwhile for any child full of ideas they want to share.