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With a passion for music, art, technology, and working with kids, I pride myself on my creative and academic versatility as a teacher. I am currently pursuing my master's degree in elementary education from Curry College in Milton, MA. Originally from Boston, MA, I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder where I majored in Geography and International Studies. I love the opportunity to mold young minds into learning machines! I specialize in English communication skills, Spanish language skills, World Geography, and the creative arts. I want to inspire my students to maximize their learning potential and to show them that the process of learning can be really fun too. I have lived in Spain, Argentina, Italy, and most recently in Tel Aviv, Israel where I spent almost 4 years working in marketing communications for technology startups. In my free time, I would describe myself as an avid cyclist, Boston sports enthusiast, vinyl record collector, artist, music producer, basketball junkie, and international wanderer.

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Animal Drawing Club

Join David in this fun workshop as he shows children how to draw different types of land animals, ...

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