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About me

Carrie Baughcum (she/her/hers) is a mother, wife, mismatch sock wearer, a self-described inspiration junkie, learning enthusiast, and most of all a passionate believer that all children can learn, we just need to find out how. As a special education teacher of 20+, she integrates technology, creative thinking, a fearless attitude, the power of gamification, and endless doodles into her classroom. Striving every day to enhance her students' learning while empowering them to achieve things they never knew they could do or be a part of. She is also the mother to two children, 13 and 15 years old. At home, she encourages her children to explore, learn and try anything their imagination can think up. Together they create and get involved in activities and experiences with exploration, creativity, problem-solving, and making. Carrie shares her experiences from her classroom, her adventures, and reflections on her time with her family and students by presenting at conferences, sharing on, hosting a weekly Youtube Live! show with her daughter, at, and in her book: My Pencil Made Me Do It: A Guide To Sketchnoting.

My Workshop


4 reviews
  • Jennifer K - May 15, 2020:
    My daughters liked how she explained Sketch noting and the examples (snippets of songs) that she provided.

  • Victoria B - May 15, 2020:
    My child loved participating. She hopes there is a follow up session. As a parent, I was thrilled to see a creative tool students could use to organize their thoughts with a purpose.

  • Teri S - May 15, 2020:
    It was super great! Sketchnoting is so interesting and the teacher explained it very well.

  • Brie S - May 15, 2021:
    Useful and fun!