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Evangelina and Andrew are eager veterans of the Maker circuit, always happy to help and share their knowledge and toys with like minded kids and even grownup. Before COVID, they often attended events around New York and both of them delivered presentations or simply shared their hardware and builds with families and their children.

Apple Montessori schools, Maker Faire, Brookhaven National Lab and Liberty Science Center are a few of their favorite venues to show and share.
Their work was recently featured in DIYOde Magazine in Australia and at remote Maker events and you can always follow their making adventures on YouTube @AndysTechGarage and Instagram at @AndysTechGarage.

Their interests switch from one field to another as they learn and discover new things but 3D printing, robotics, chemistry and most importantly space exploration have been their favorite STEM subjects throughout. Fortunately, these days there is an abundance of inspiration in all these fields and certainly plenty to learn.

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