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About me

Amanda Baker is the writer for Smore Magazine's cover stories. She is a freelance writer who tells science stories for everyone from kindergarteners to college professors. Amanda is also the Director of Marketing and Open Access / OER Strategy for SUNY Press. Amanda has a geoscience Ph.D. from Cornell and experience from across the publishing spectrum – from managing peer-reviewed journals to writing and editing for popular science magazines for kids. She is also the blogger for Scientific American’s Budding Scientist and a national event supervisor for Science Olympiad. Amanda believes powerful science can change the world and powerful stories can make people want to be a part of that change.

My Workshop

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6 reviews
  • Brie S - Feb 20, 2021:
    My daughter thought it was interesting and fun. She's really into writing and would like to see a more advanced class option!

  • Teresa Q - Feb 20, 2021:
    We learned a lot.

  • Kelly H - Feb 20, 2021:
    Amanda did an excellent job! Lovely balance of activity and information. Would be awesome if there was a product linked to this – e.g., a journal with a science pen.

  • Laura G - Apr 17, 2021:
    Bummed I missed it

  • Amanda S - Apr 17, 2021:
    Great workshop. Tons of fun. Got so much writing done and Amanda was awesome!!

  • Beth L - Apr 17, 2021:
    It was fun and creative and the instructor encouraged me a lot (per my daughter) which made me feel supported and good.