Secret Message Decoder

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Ever wondered how we see objects and their colors? Come experiment and find out

Addon Kit

Make a secret message decoder

$ 13

Ever wondered how we see objects and their colors? With this kit a kid can experiment with light and find out. Bonus: Make your own secret message decoder using color power!

Meet Your Sensei

  • Welcome to STEM and Straws science kits. 

    A product of Smore Science, these kits are created by STEM experts to give curious children a fun hands-on learning and experimenting experience. 

    Each Kit: 
    > is minimally packaged
    > is priced affordably 
    > has enough materials for repeat experiments
    > includes extension activities to continue learning 
    > has detailed scientific explanations and fun trivia

    You can also sign up for a LIVE interactive experiment session with an instructor or view on-demand instructional workshops. Visit to sign up.


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