Hyper Realism Pencil Art

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Introduction to the world of Hyper-realism pencil art. Drawing with graphite and charcoal pencils.

Meet Your Sensei

  • Born in Lagos,  Nigeria,  and  graduated  from  Nnamdi  Azikiwe University  Awka,  with  a  B.Sc  in  Mathematics; Michael  discovered  his  love  for drawing  from  an early age.

    Michael  had  always  had  an  innate  desire  to  create  realistic  works.  But  he  didn’t know  about  Hyperrealism  art  until  he  was  fifteen  and  almost  finishing  high  school. After  discovering  this  style  of  art  through  a  friend,  Michael  gradually  taught  himself to master working with pencils and  papers  to create the  type  of  art he now draws.

    He  works  with  charcoal  and  graphite  because  it  fascinates  him  how  illusions  of colors  could  be  represented  by a  simple monochrome  of  black  and  whites. Michael  says life could be simple if  it were  just in black and white.

    Michael  drives  at  creating  art  that  tells  emotional  and thought evoking  stories to  his viewers. His artwork is mostly  targeted at describing cultural, moral, and  biblical  values.


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