Cybersecurity 101

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9 reviews

Cybersecurity 101: Introduction to Cryptography

Meet Your Sensei

  • Hi! I'm Teacher Ashley, and I am from Indiana. I hold a degree in biology from Ball State University and teaching licenses from Texas and Indiana. This is my 10th year teaching science, and it has been a blast! I have been very fortunate to teach students of all ages from all over the world. I love seeing students light up as they make sense of the world around them through observation and testing, and I look forward to seeing your student in the class as we explore science together.


9 reviews
  • Rachel F - Feb 27, 2021:
    Olivia said she really liked it. We will see you in the future.

  • Victoria B - Feb 27, 2021:
    My girls love these classes. There is a bit of background given, then the hands-on workshops are always fun. As a parent, I like that they have something to keep working with post-class - in this case the disc.

  • Beth L - Feb 27, 2021:
    The materials were so interesting but for my 9 year old it went a little over her head. We spent part of the evening explaining so she could better understand. The pigpen cypher needs to be broken out by each alphabet letter to equal a graphic. As an adult I could decipher how to get from the pics to the code but my 11 year old who was looking at it later couldn’t. For the Caesar cypher the instructions said to rotate forward 3 but it was really backward 3 for the two examples on the sheet that the kids had to decode.

  • Charisse L - Feb 27, 2021:
    The teacher was delightful and very patient with the kids. My son loved it and he never likes anything!

  • Maja M - Feb 27, 2021:
    We loved it!

  • Teri S - May 1, 2021:
    This session was so much fun!,

  • Catalina M - May 1, 2021:
    Class was great. My only comment would be that the instructor was a little fast and so it was hard to keep up.

  • NEVIN B - May 1, 2021:
    That was quite good!

  • Amanda S - Jun 10, 2021:
    Really fun! Note: print the worksheets single sided!