Build a Mini Webpage

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3 reviews

Learn the basics of web development with HTML.

Meet Your Sensei

  • I create, code, and write. ‣ Boostrapping tech ed into VR ‣ Coding Bootcamp instructor with Cultivating Coders. - Teaching 10 - 40+-year-olds how to code ‣ Previously an instructor with Sitepoint and Envato Tuts Plus ‣ Over 4,000 students taught since 2014 (online + offline) ‣ Fullstack JavaScript, game and VR dev ‣ Personal blog @ ‣ Passionate about Tech-ED and meta-learning (learning about learning and how to learn better)


3 reviews
  • Regina O - May 8, 2021:
    Great beginner class. My daughter is eager to explore and learn more

  • Rita D - May 8, 2021:
    Thank you.😁 Really liked it! It was hard to type a long sometimes. I wish could get all html codes after the class so I could keep playing with it.

  • Cindy C - May 19, 2021:
    Great class