Maria Alice
  • Visual Artist

About me

I'm Maria Alice, a visual artist, researcher and art educator from Brazil! I'm graduated in Visual Arts and a Furniture Design technician. I started teaching visual arts in 2016, when I worked at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum as a mediator. Mediation taught me to love teaching in exhibition spaces, but also inside and outside the classroom, for the most diverse audiences such as children, elderly, disabled public (mainly blind or deaf), adults, teachers, students and even famous people, such as ambassadors! After this experience, I started to work with museological research to better understand museums and contribute to them. At the same time, my taste for atelier as an artist and teacher began to grow and I started to teach courses such as Production of Artistic Supplies with natural materials and also classes like Drawing, Color and Shape Construction for teenagers. I love engraving (wood, metal, silkscreen, linoleum, etc), painting (oil, watercolor, acrylic and murals) and I also love tattooing, I've been working as a tattoo artist since the beginning of 2021!

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